How many hours are there a day? I spend seven of them sleeping and the rest of the time I’m plugged in. My phone is on 24/7 and it seems to follow me around like a lost puppy! It even follows me into the studio…

So when I want to do my own practice, turning it off is like cutting the apron strings from the responsibility of regular life. No offense, but I need a break from the to-do list, shopping, emails, bills and that little voice in my head.

For that small snippet of the day where I’ve taken time for myself, everything else really can wait.


Yoga Teacher says “Relax, come into your breath. Connect maybe for the first time today”

That feeling I get from my yoga practice, I can’t compare to anything else. I get to check in, exercise. There isn’t anything else in my life like that… It’s a freedom.

But wait, what’s that buzz?! Now the vibration is all I can think about. It’s becomes harder to hear the breath. It reminds me of everything I haven’t done, everything I have to do. It pulls me back into the to-do list of my world!

Yoga is my fun, my time, my connection,  but sometimes just to see a phone in the room can break that.


As a teacher, walking through the yoga mat labyrinth, while you’re resting in child’s pose I’m graciously falling over your carefully places obstacles & props…  Look up sometime and you’ll see me. So please, for the consideration of others, when you enter the yoga studio, disconnect yourself from your phone and reconnect with why you came to practice. Maybe, just maybe, it’ll be a little easier to find your freedom.

“Oh! Time for class. I better turn my phone off,”

Love always Jean