Shoes, bags, clothes, scrunchies; being a woman can be awesome!

Hormones, emotions, uncomfortable underwear, people to take care of: & also pretty challenging.

Join Taryn & learn how yoga, chinese medicine & meditation can help rebalance hormones, alleviate stress & recharge your energy centres & all without medication.

This workshop was lovingly created for any women experiencing stress, menopause, or fertility issues. We would be honoured to hold a nurturing space for you.

Yoga for women’s health is recommended by Fertility doctors, Chinese doctors, Ayuvedic doctors, Physiotherapists and Naturopaths. All of the practitioners agree that stress can have a negative impact on monthly cycles and reproductive systems.
During this workshop we will be:
– Exploring the differences between emotional stress, environmental stress and chemical stress along with the impact they have on the physiology of the body.
 – Learning how to offset the stresses associated fertility challenges, which can interfere with the very hormones you actually need to conceive.
– A guided Yin and Meditation practice which you may continue to use daily at home, to realign the energetic pathways of the body, encouraging a flow of qi to the relevant organs which influence our reproductive system and hormonal health.
– A opportunity to connect with other woman on a similar journey to you.
1 - 3:30pm