Vi: “in a special way”

Nyasa: “to place”

We show up to class, roll out our yoga mats, and move our bodies through a series of shapes. The journey in between these shapes is your unique expression. We will explore how to move in and out of postures safely and efficiently, allowing your practice to be more graceful, flowing and beneficial.

The workshop will also cover the following:

  • How your breath can powerfully carry your body in these movements
  • Ways to engage your deep core muscles that will support your more vulnerable joints
  • Unveil common imbalances and habits in our alignment that create small injuries and discomfort
  • Alignment tips in the main poses we do at Kozen, supporting your unique structure as you move in and out of postures

The workshop will end with a guided relaxation (yoga nidra) to have you floating back out into your day.


Hawthorn Studio
Saturday 28th May
1 - 3.30pm
$44 – 10% off for members