October 15, 1-3.30pm|

Relearn what your bodies already know: which foods support & nourish & which foods have the opposite effect.

No fads, cleanses or juice fasts we promise. Instead, learn how to repair & heal yourselves with food. Zach has thoroughly researched every diet there is from High carb to Low sugar, Paleo to Ketogenic, Atkins to the Mediterranean. He even researched how important gut health & the microbiome is!

Learn which styles he recommends, which ones to run very far away from & how to implement the changes in your life. That’s the best part about educating yourself, you are the guinea pig (who doesn’t just have to eat lettuce leaves-bleh!)


Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms:

  • Weight gain
  • Feel tired constantly
  • Skin problems
  • Achy joints
  • Headaches
  • Depression

Our bodies are so intelligent. The answer might be as simple as adding something simple to begin the repair process. Every bite you take is either fighting disease or feeding it. It really is amazing to see how changing your diet & adding in supportive gut foods can affect your mental state & physical body.

Jean shares one of her ‘aha’ moments.

“For the first few months of my pregnancy, I accepted my left hip was sore, weak & unstable.  I learnt pelvic instability was pretty common, especially in the early stages of pregnancy. For months I would hobble around & sometimes be unable to walk anywhere because the pain was awful. Only when my doctor told me the small increase of sugar I had been indulging in was the cause! The sugar was causing inflammation to my main hip stabiliser (Glute Med) & turning off that pathway. Three days later & removing all sugar from my diet gave me back my hip. Bye bye pain! Hello again Yoga! Your body is so intelligent & gives you these signs constantly. Eating well is a form of self-love”.  -Jean


Come along & educate yourself. Every single question is welcome. Come on… challenge yourselves & Zach!

1 - 3.30pm
$60 per person / 10% discount for members