The 6 week course provides mums with a dedicated space to connect with self, baby & other mums in a friendly and relaxed setting.
Of course, Pappabears are most welcome to join in!
Sarah has just welcomed her own little bundle Marlo, who will be joining in this practice. Sarah & Marlo have been practicing together since his arrival last December.

Crawlers welcome, if you are prepared to go after your crawler..


Week 1: Stabilise and Strengthen

Gently begin to rebuild core stability and strength after the birth of baby.

Week 2: Release Upper Body

Relieve shoulder and neck tension and rounding of the upper back, common concerns in early motherhood.

Week 3: Release Lower Body

Stretch and release the lower back and hip which commonly become tight after pregnancy, and establish posture awareness.

Week 4: Twist, Revitalise & Flip Your World

Tone & revitalise the internal organs with twists & balance the hormones with inversions

Week 5: Nourishment of the Body and Mind

Nourish the body, the mind and your energy; become aware of opportunities throughout the day for restoration and relaxation.

Week 6: Get Your Flow On

Flow with Baby, flow with the journey of motherhood. A focus on movement, endurance, strength, efficient breath & ease.

Hawthorn Studio
- 17/05/2016
1 - 2pm
Email Kozen for Details