Heard of ‘The Roseto Effect’. No? It might just save your life.

Dial back the time machine to 1960’s America. Where is wasn’t uncommon for Americans to die of heart attacks in their 50s or 60s & the national life expectancy was only 66.6 years.

The small town of Roseto was unlike any other town. It wasn’t money, location or affluence that made this town so special. It was their health.

In Roseto, no one under the age of 55 had died of heart attack or showed any signs of heart disease & the local death rate for men over 65 was half the national average.

Scientists were baffled. They compared 4 key areas against the rest of the country.

  • Diet
  • Location
  • Family History
  • Exercise Habits

The majority of residents worked in quarries or factories. They smoked unfiltered cigars & ate heavy Italian meals. Nothing seemed different, until they looked deeper into their living status. It wasn’t uncommon for 3 generations to live under the one roof. 80% of men in the town were a part of at least one community group, where they came together, played cards & talked.

The conclusion. Rosettons were nourished by each other.

In fact this town was such an anomaly that the ‘The Roseto Effect’ is a term used to describe ‘ a phenomenon by which a close-knit community experiences a reduced rate of heart disease’. * Wikipedia

However, things changed by the 70’s. Nearly all residents had shed their Italian social structure & became more Americanised & isolated. Roseto experienced their first heart attack in 1971 & by 1980 the town of Roseto had the same national heart disease & death average as the rest of the country.

The number one drug prescribed in the world at the moment, are anti depressants. We all know that support & interaction is important on a daily basis but it has the capacity impact our chances of survival too!

‘A crisis shared is half a burden, which is why social support is so important.’ Alice Domar (phD Professor Harvard Medical School)

Considering getting to know the neighbours next door? Make today the day you say hi to your Yoga buddy on the mat next to you. It might just save your life.

Statistics from the movie, ‘The connection’.