Shiva and Shakti are the two polar energies which make up ourselves and the whole universe. They are two sides of the one whole. Shiva represents pure consciousness or awareness, and all that is unchanging and without form.

Shakti represents all that is changing, moving and manifest; all physical form and all vitality which animates it.

Without Shakti the world would be only pure awareness, consciousness, but nothing solid would exist and no one would be there to observe it. Like electricity without a globe to make use of it.

Without Shiva all activity would be random, ignorant, dull and directionless, just like a light bulb with no electricity to give it purpose or function.

Shakti would be your physical body and even your thoughts and the movement of your mind, but it’s your Shiva which is your ability to be aware; your perceiving, understanding and deeper knowing.

In our yoga practice, on and off the mat, we strive to reunite these two energies. To balance the activity of doing and creating, with the joy of simply being. To balance the discipline of work and effort, with the surrender of rest and recharging. To balance the needs of our physi- cal body, with the peace of our mind and soul.

By Angela Robb