Private Sessions

Book in with Zach, get fixed and have a plan to feel well. It’s that easy.

  • By exploring your physical, mental & emotional bodies you’ll use yoga to heal, strengthen & let go (ahh those chestnuts).
  • Your time with Zach is completely and utterly customised so get ready to unpack everything!
  • By finding the root cause of your pain you can heal. By understanding your unique body you’ll see results.

What to expect

  • Biomechanical assessment of yoga postures (alignment for your body)
  • Physical orthopaedic assessment (acute and chronic pain)
  • Lifestyle intervention to prevent recurrence
  • Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
  • Leave with a plan to feel well!

How to book in

Book in with Zach, get fixed and have a plan to feel well.
Follow the link to the bookings page (payment at time of session)
  • Members price $80
  • General price $100

Meet Zach.

Zach has always been fascinated by the way the body & mind responds to its surroundings, he views the human body as a system of systems that work intricately together, relying on each other for support. Pain or discomfort in the body is usually a sign that one connected part of the system is not doing its job effectively. 

Trained as an Exercise Scientist, with deep knowledge of how the body functions, he works with individuals who experience discomfort. Calling knowledge from multiple disciplines including yoga, reflexive movement, mindfulness, nutrition and allied health practices such as Orthopaedic assessment, Sports Kinesiology & Neuromuscular Energy Techniques.


Session Experiences.

“Thanks to Zach and his magical and intuitive hands my dodgy shoulder is as good as new.  Just wish I’d known his skill at being able to treat and realign the body, it would have saved me months of pain!” – Heike


“Great appreciation to Zach. Your knowledge of yoga and the human body is amazing. I believe your enormous knowledge will enhance so many students at Kozen”  – Yasu


“During my first pregnancy I developed excruciating pain in my hips & pelvis. After a quick treatment & realignment I was advised to ease up on refined sugar. Two weeks later my hip instability was gone! Naughty sugar! – Jean


“I have been a student at Kozen for 8 years and a yogi for over 20 years. Zach treated my right shoulder (which had become painful due to post lymph node removal as a result of  breast cancer) and after his diagnosis on my shoulder and a simple adjustment I felt immediate relief and warmth spread down my arm, I was in awe. I recently asked Zach to look at my right knee. After a realignment of my hips, Zach made a diagnosis using techniques I’ve never encountered and finding the pressure point shifted the tension and freed the pain. He also gave me advice for keeping my hips aligned getting in and out of the car which will no doubt help my knees. The Kozen Family is so lucky to have such an incredible healer as Zach at its helm” – Tory