At Kozen we believe that everyone deserves to be happy and healthy, we also believe that the Kozen experience is powerful enough to start a revolution in your health.

For some people this means making time for yourself to de-stress and move, for others it’s a way to repair and tone the body.

Whatever your inspiration to practice, Kozen is support for the mind and the body.


2 weeks unlimited yoga for $30

4 weeks unlimited yoga for $40

I’m a total beginner…

Hello and welcome!

Trying something new can be scary. Voluntarily placing yourself in a room full of lycra and flexibility can be daunting. Terrifying. Overwhelming.

But it’s also going to be uplifting. Energising. Fulfilling. Amazing.

At Kozen we believe in supporting you on whatever journey you’re on. It’s our hope that you’ll fall in love with yoga at the very first stretch.

Thank you for finding the time to take care of yourself.

Love Jean & Zach


We’re using our Yogic mind powers to answer the questions on the tip of your tongue.

As a beginner which class should I go to?

Do I need to book?

  • There’s no need to book into a class – we like things to be flexible so you can come whenever you wish. But please arrive at least 10 minutes early to your first class so you have time to get comfortable and make yourself at home.

I’m so new to Yoga I don’t have a mat.

  • Yes you can borrow a mat, just pop a coin in our charity piggy bank.
  • Bottled water is a $2 donation or you can use the tap.
  • All the generous donations we receive are passed on to well deserving charities.

I’d like to try a class.

  • It’s a great idea to purchase your introductory pass online so you’re all ready to go for your first class. You can do that here.
  • You can use any membership you purchase at both studios in Hawthorn and Ashburton.

What to wear

  • Wear comfortable clothing and if you can, avoid anything too baggy (we don’t want you to be choking on your t-shirt during downward dog!)


  • Location, location, location! You won’t need to stress about finding a park with plenty of off street parking.

Most importantly, don’t forget to HAVE FUN!

What to do when you first arrive.

We’re excited to have you join our community and want you to get the most out of your Yoga practice. Here are a few things you should know to enhance your practice with us.

  • Free your toes & remove your shoes at the door.
  • Nothing kills a yoga buzz more than a mobile buzz. Our phones work as hard as we do, so set them to flight mode & give them a break.
  • You don’t need anything but your mat. Leave everything else in a pigeon hole.
  • Be early to class. Nothing more stressful than rushing to relax.
  • Your mat becomes your best mate so would you really want a stranger to stand on your bestie? Bring your own mat if you have one.
  • Wear comfortable exercise clothing, avoiding anything too baggy.
  • If you’ve got questions, it’s best to ask them of your teacher before or after class. You can also email or speak to us directly.
  • Refrain from wearing perfume or cologne.
  • Got a boo-boo? From paper cuts to prolapsed discs, we want to know! Let your teacher know before each class
  • Yoga is a non-competitive practice. You look just as great in your leopard leggings as the guy next to you.
  • Be kind and loving to yourself! Not sure how? Insert Yoga here.
  • No experience or flexibility is required to practice yoga. If you can breathe, you can do yoga.
  • Finally, all classes finish with the gesture of Namaste. When we say “Namaste” to each other, we are saying:

I honour the place in you in which the entire universe dwells. I honour the place in you, which is love, truth, light and peace. When you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me, we are one.


Dear Kozen, Where do I start?

This is an actual email from a student, the names have been changed.

Dear Kozen,

I see that beginners can attend all classes. I am completely new to yoga and have no idea where to begin.
I am thinking about trying yoga to help me relax and also to help strengthen my body and help with my general fitness. I am a wife and a mother of two young children (also work part time) and looking to do something just for myself.
Where is the best place to start?
Thank you in advance for your time.

New Yogi.

Dear New Yogi,

Thanks for your question and for your honesty!! We receive questions like this once a week, so you’re not alone. The hardest part about beginning something new is the first step. First step achieved! 🙂

The first thing to be clear about is ‘What do you want to get from Yoga?’ You said to ‘help strengthen my body and help with my general fitness’.

We have two main styles of Yoga. Vinyasa Flow is where you’ll move body to breath and Yin is a practice of stillness. Both will leave you feeling relaxed and connected but they’re quite different in the way they get you there.

During your intro period, try both styles with as many teachers as you can.

You may love them all or there may be a few that you really connect with and relate too.

I found that the hardest part of my Yoga journey was my expectation to keep up and to go, go, go. As with anything new, please remember to be kind to yourself and to take it as slow as you need. We want you practicing Yoga for a lifetime!

There will be days that you have bundles of energy. On those days, go for it and challenge yourself. On other days you’ll be pooped, so rest. That’s the awesome thing about Yoga. It meets you wherever you are, each day.

To strengthen the body and achieve peace of mind, I would recommend our Vinyasa Flow classes. In these classes you move the body to breath; a moving meditation. In your first class you’ll probably feel a bit lost. Go with it I say! It’s not often we find ourselves challenged and get to be beginners. You’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll pick up on the poses.

I can’t emphasise enough – please, please be kind to yourself (this is not necessarily something that we default to).

We have the friendliest and kindest teachers who are here to keep you safe, inspired, challenged and happy. As you said, you’re looking to do something great just for you, so modify and adjust where you need. Never ever feel as if you have to keep up.

Let me know if there is anything else. I’m always here 🙂

Big smiles,