Well Done!

This is your first step in your creating your very own personal Yoga habit.

Now lets be clear from the outset. Creating a lasting habit takes a bit time and that all depends on your current behavior and circumstances. So, I don’t expect that the next few weeks will revolutionise your world, but it you start with these 3 easy steps we will help set a solid foundation.

  1. START SMALL – Make it so easy, you can’t say ‘no’

A tiny habit is easier to stick to. So begin by making the simple commitment to sign up and come to a class once in the first week.

  1. SCHEDULE – Plan around an existing habit

It’s much easier to set a habit by piggy backing it onto another one. So build it into your routine. For example, I will practice each Wednesday night after work.

  1. PRACTICE – If first you don’t succeed. Try, Try again!

When you slip, simply get back on track quickly. Research shows that it doesn’t really matter if you miss your schedule once, what makes for a lasting habit is recognising it and coming back to routine.

Here’s a kick start.

  1. 28 days of Yoga for $40
  2. Plan to come once a week, before or after work
  3. Be Patient and build up as you go.

In the end it doesn’t matter how long it takes to form the habit or achieve a goal. In fact forget about time completely and simply turn up and find fun in the process.

So! Ready to take that first step?

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